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About LeiLoop phone necklaces

Who is behind LeiLoop?

LeiLoop crossbody phone necklace case is a small family business founded and managed by business owner, consultant, and mother of five-year-old twins - Freya. As much as she prefers to balance her time with her kids (sans phone), as a mompreneur she needs her phone for work.  "In an effort to save time searching for it, I started to look for alternatives. Instead of carrying it in my hand all the time, I wanted to keep my hands free and my mind clear. I also needed security in knowing I wasn’t going to lose or drop it. So the LeiLoop phone necklace became my holy solution."  

Crossbody phone case necklace LeiLoop 

© | Freya - Twin-Mompreneur

Why did I name it LeiLoop?

With a love for Hawaii we named our brand after the Islands most given garland.  A “Lei” is vibrant, colorful, and worn around the neck. It features tropical flowers but, on a wider interpretation, it can also mean a series of items strung together so that they can be worn.  A lei is presented to someone who is arriving or leaving and symbolizes all communications necessary by phone. By recognizing the similarities in this beautiful flower and tradition we decided to name our product and company after it. So we created our LeiLoop Phone Necklace to make people's lives easier. Designed in the U.S., we named each smartphone crossbody case necklace by a Hawaiian word and added some Hawaiian spirit by creating LeiLoop.