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Mystery Rope

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Get an extra add-on strap to change the color of your LeiLoop crossbody phone case necklace.
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The phone Necklace is the case of all cases. With a long cord the smartphone necklace is connected to a transparent silicon hard case which holds your Smartphone. It grants easy access and guarantees to never miss the perfect moment to snap photos, take quick notes or answer calls without having to dig through your bag. No more leaving your phone on tables in restaurants or cafes. And the best thing: No more cracked screens from dropping your phone!

The phone Necklace is the perfect add-on for those with busy schedules, in charge of coordinating and organizing. It's also useful for jobs that require you to keep your hands free but your phone close at the same time. Lastly, it's perfect for those times you want to take nothing but your phone with you. To secure the perfect fit you can simply adjust the length and decide whether to wear the smartphone necklace in front or across the body.